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Pesola Audit Tool DDA

Under the DDA Act 1995 (Disability Discrimination Act) it is a requirement that Service Providers and Employers make their buildings where services are provided more accessible. Failure to do so could result in cases being brought against them by those who are being discriminated against

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amendment FAQAT LAST, THE GUIDANCE WE REALLY NEED ON DOC "M" AND BS 8300 from the ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) states “The opening force when measured from the leading edge of the door should not be more than 30 Newtons from 0° (closed position) to 30° open, and no more than 22.5 Newtons from 30° to 60° of the opening cycle” it also states "The opening force should be checked using a plunger-type force measuring instrument" such as the Pesola Audit Tool. Please find the full amendment in PDF format at BS8300 Doc M, Amendment, DDA

As these documents will be consulted in all disputes, it is essential that Service Providers and employers can ascertain accurately that these forces are being maintained to ensure that they are complying with the law and are safeguarding against personal cases being brought against them


Pesola Audit Tool - DDA BS8300 Newton Meter Test Gun


The Pesola Audit Tool newton meter is one of the only ways to effectively test a doors opening/closing force in Newtons at the leading edge of the door giving a fully accurate measurement of force required to open or close a door

This precision Swiss made Audit Tool Kit comes complete with a pressure rod & door testing accessories which can measure up to 100 Newtons of opening or closing force, all neatly concealed in a protective case


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Pesola DDA Macro Scale Kit

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